Odd behavior with a new driver..

I am trying to distribute a printer driver for our Zebra Z4m+ printers

It works fine if I use Client32 4.9SP2 but does NOT work if I use
4.90SP1 or just the Windows Client...

I was under the impression that iPrint had nothing to do with the Novell
Client, but something is happening here..

This is the error I get:

Error Message: The system cannot find the file specified

Error Group: Windows
Error Code: 2

NetWare 6.0sp4.. I am using iPrint client 3.05 on a Windows 2k
workstation (SP4)

Tried with iPrint client 2.02 and get the same error...

Was going to try with iPrint client 3.09 but can't seem to find where to
download it..