The LAN Administrator wants to manage NDPS and IPP printers via iManager.
We had to install the iPrint client on the LAN Admin's XP PC for the
iManager / iPrint mgmt. However, the LAN Admin uses NDPS on the local LAN.
The NDPS auto-push stopped working on her machine until we deleted the
iPrint client - all is fine again after deletion.

Can they coexist? Is there a way to set the priority to use NDPS even if
the iPrint client is installed locally?

It's very possible I'm not totally understanding iPrint. I'm aware it's for
remote Internet printing, but should people on the local LAN be using it as
well once we make an NDPS printer IPP-aware?

I also really like the idea of the point-and-click map feature of IPP. Is
there something similar for NDPS clients on the LAN?