I'm setting up a new NW6.5 SP2 Dual Xeon IBM Model X235 Server with 1.5 GB
RAM and have encountered a problem with iPrint in getting the drivers for
HP8150DN to auto install and stay installed to a WinXP Pro client. This
new NW6.5 environment is not yet in production, as this problem is holding
up deployment/replacement of old NW5 network. This is my first experience
working with an NDPS/iPrint environment, previously ran Queue based
printing exclusively on legacy NW5 SP6a environment. Have been using
Jeffrey Harris NW6.5 Admin Guide and NW6.5 Doccumentation as guide but
can't find answer to this problem. Win XP workstation is running NW 4.9
client with client SP1. Have installed Broker, Print Manager and created
Printer Object as per above references. Have not set up Optional DNS
entries for printer as we are a small exclusively LAN not WAN environment.
Have installed iPrint client on workstation, set up Remote Printer
Management and set user account to have rights to 8150DN Printer. When
the XP PC starts up, it runs through login script, and starts to run iPP
install, but message I get back says "admin not assigned a driver or
resource manager not available". Using the WinXP Start----> Printer &
Faxes--->Add Printer routine, I can get the 8150DN drivers to manually
install, and I can send a print job successfully to the printer, but if I
reboot the WIn XP workstation, I loose the manually installed printer
drivers as well as not getting the auto-installed drivers. I used HP Webjet
Direct applet to configure the JetDriect card on the printer with a fixed
IP address and set the NDPS name to match the eDirectory name for the
printer. If I can print some of the time, then I know the pathway must be
okay. What am I missing here???? Do I need to modify the inst.htm
file in the sys:apache2\htdocs\ippdocs folde, and if so, what shoould it
look like in the case of an HP8150DN printer????