I am in the process of locking down Windows 2000 workstations by giving
staff restricted users rights and applying group policies so that, amongst
other things, they can't add or delete printers. We are using NW6.5,
ZFD4, Novell Client 4.90 SP1a and Windows 2000 workstaions, as well as
iPrint for printing.

Now, I have got around the issue of installing an iPrint printer with user
rights, but some staff require printing to LPT1. When I use iCapture it
appears that the port was captured. I then try a "dir > LPT1" and nothing
happens, so I then do a "NET USE" and no LPT ports are there. I then
run "iCapture Show" and it shows that LPT1 is mapped to the iPrint Printer
but it shows "Status: Stopped". If I then try logging in with Admin
rights and run "iCapture Show" again, it now says "Status: Printer
Responding" and will print to the LPT1 port no problem. I know it's not
group policies, since I took the group policies off and a restricted user
still can't print. I have tried running "iPrntCfg.exe iCapture" as an
Administrator and it comes up with the errors "iCapture - Unable to open
nipplpt device - error 5" and then a couple of seconds later another error
will pop up "iCapture - NIPPLPTE.EXE was not running and could not be
loaded. Restart the workstation". After that the iCapture box pops up as
normal and shows that the iPrint printer is connected to LPT1. I restated
the workstation, and still nothing.

Can someone please help me, I did a google search on this problem and it
only came up with one page...and it was in German (I translated it, and it
is more-or-less the same issue)

Thanks in advance,