before pushing our the iprint client to our win98 i luckyly read this forum
and found out, that the new iprint client 3.x is not installable on non
english win98 machines.
As this issue is still is not fixed and don't want to download the whole SP1
for netware 6.5, to catch that smal file, i would like to ask
if any of the forum users here can send me the iprint client 2.02 ??

if yes and this breaks no rules or laws please send it to my private e-mail
ufuk.a@arcor.de as our Antivurs gateway catches all .exe files and stop the

Off course we are a licensed Netware user.

best regards

Ufuk Altinkaynak

am i right with my guess, that this Win98 (non english) + latest iprint
client ist still not fixed ?