Hi All,

Have just started to have problems with pppclient program, it does not
appear to work anymore - that is, it will not configure our printers.

Our network consists of:
Netware 6.5 server
iprint client 2.02
pppclient - 6.x
windows Xp sp1, most patches, not sp2 yet.

Up until now we have had no problems with the client program. We mainly
use it after re-imaging a computer, now all of a sudden the client
program does not work. I have noticed that the process is still visible
in the task manager, but not using any resources. However, when I look
at another machine which is operational I cannot see the pppclient
process in the task manager.

Can you advise me on what may be the problem, or how to track the problem?

Only discovered this recently when a couple of staff had problems
printing pdf file - acrobat reader cannot detect a printer. Re-imaging
the computer and installing the prints resolves the problem, provided
the pppclient is not installed\run. The printers are manually configure.

Also, what has happen to the people who developed the program, they do
not appear to be on the web anymore?