We are running Netware 5.1 on our print and file server. I have created an
NDPS Broker, Print Manager and an NDPS printer in NWADMIN. I am trying to
automatically distribute the printer to the users within a certain
context. I have also taken care to assign appropriate rights for the users
to the printer. NDPS does install the printer automatically for the users
within the top level context however, it fails to install the printer for
the users within the subcontext. Does anyone know why? I have tried the
same thing in a test environment but on Netware 6.0. I was able to
install the printer fine to all the users within the top level as well as
the subcontext.

If anyone has a workaround for the problem above, maybe they can also
advice me on how to set up the printer settings to automatically default
to A4 paper size. At the moment they are defaulting to 'Letter' setting.

I have also tried to create a snapshot of the printer by running the
printer installation program. I created Application Object in Consoleone
and tried to distribute the printer using an AOT file. However when the
user logs in, the script seems to run, but I can not see the desired
printer installed in the Printers folder in Windows. DOes anyone have a

Thanks for all the advice in advance.