Just started using Iprint on NW 6.5, with SP2. One HPLJ5n periodically will
just stop printing, leaving jobs to stack up in the printer queue with the
printer status listed at the bottom of this note. I upgraded to the latest
FW revision from HP and have the latest, standard version of the drivers
installed (the enhanced drivers did not allow for proper tray selection in
Corel WP). The situation seems random (or, if there is a pattern, it is not
obvious yet). If I shutdown and restart, it will print for a while until
the error occurs again.

Anyone else experience problem with the 5N? I have other HP printers that
do not seem to be affected this way. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Display Panel: POWERSAVE ON
Printer State: Error Printing

Gateway Other Problem: Gateway operation suspended until PA is shutdown and
restarted. Possible cause:

Input Media Supply Empty: TRAY 1 EMPTY

Other Problem: PWRSAVE