I am trying to set up HP Colordeskjet's 890C's with NDPS using the desktop
printer utility on the Macs. I set up the IP address and Queue - printer
agent name and I am using the LPR facility, so it loads the nlm LPR2NDPS at
the server. This is on a Netware 6.5 SP2 server as well. Since Deskjets
don't have PPD's , I am using the generic PPD with Laserwriter 8 and when I
go to print - it gets to the printer but prints garbage. It continues to
prints garbage which I imagine is because there is no postcript description
for this Color deskjet printer. Is there a way to get around this or get
this to work. I am using the Novell SNMP gateway and not the HP gateway
which I understand is going away.


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