I installed NDPS on NW51SP6 (NDPS 2.1.2). All seems to be fine. Now I
started the broker. The Notification Service and SRS started fine, but
RMS hangs with message "Resource Management Service starting" and nothing
more happens. If I try to unload broker, my server will hang completely.
No messages are shown at console or sys$log.err.
Now I installed SP7 (NDPS 2.1.8) - same problem. I deleted the broker and
created a new one - same problem. I copied the ndps-files from SYS: to
another volume, created another broker - same problem.
On two other servers with NW51SP6 and SP7 (at other seperate networks)
the same configuration works fine. The NDPS manager starts on all 3
servers fine.
My file-versions are:

broker.nlm 3.00h
dprpcnlm.nlm 3.00n
ndpsm.nlm 3.01b
ndpsgw.nlm 3.00i

All hints, tipps or solutions are welcome.
Thank you,