Latest 4200 drivers off of HP's web site (DriverVer=11/04/2003,
3.05 iPrint client (3.09 does not fix this issue)
Netware 6 Sp3 or Sp4
Novell gateway

Why does iPrint feel the need to munge, or 'iPrint-iffy' every driver I
install? It's like a suspense movie every time I install a new driver - is
it gonna work? Will it even install? Will I find a problem down the road?
I've had a lot of experience with printers and print drivers in my years -
and in the last year with iPrint, I've had WAY too much experience. First
it was the older HP printers like the 5si and such... It would print out a
blank sheet after every good page, or just print mush - that was fixed with
a beta driver. Then it was Xerox's small multifunction devices, like the
412 and M15. The default drivers wouldn't even INSTALL on an XP machine - I
had to go into the .INF file and change one of the lines (if you're
interested, SCANX=11 to SCANX=66002). Now the latest issue is with the HP
4200 - if users request multiple copies of a job, it will always only print
one copy.
One other VERY important thing to mention - if I install ANY of these
drivers using the Add Printer Wizard... everything works perfectly well. No
problems at all. But as soon as iPrint gets its hands on it - watch out!

Anyway, enough ranting. Thanks for making it this far in the message. Does
anyone know of a solution for my 4200 problem? The previous suggestion that
turning off Mopier Mode does not help - nor does turning it on.


Matt Walkowiak