I am running a NW6sp4 cluster with NDPS as a working, functioning
cluster resource. I've been trying various things to get iPrint to
install printers. I can access the ipp page, but get the dreaded
Winsock 10061 error. I've read TIDs 10066950, 10068285, 10087534,
10065012, 10072309 and probably a few others; also read everything on
how to cluster NDPS and iPrint, played with various load orders of NILE,
HTTPSTK, PORTAL in autoexec.ncf and delayed the loading of these commands.

HTTPSTK continues to bind to the primary address, therefore, when my
httpbind secondary_ip_address command runs in my cluster resource load
script I get the error: Port already open by HTTPSTK. So I've modified
my load script to do an httpunbind before I bind http to the secondary
IP address. My load script follows:

> nss /poolactivate=NDPSPOOL
> mount NDPS VOLID=251
> add secondary ipaddress
> nss /transaction=NDPS
> broker .empire_ndps_broker.office.msrs /ALLOWDUP
> ;ndpsm .empire_ndps_manager.office.msrs /DBVOLUME=NOCHECK /DNSNAME=iPrint.msrs.state.mn.us
> ndpsm .empire_ndps_manager.office.msrs /DBVOLUME=NOCHECK /IPADDRESS=
> delay 35
> httpunbind
> httpbind /keyfile:"SSL CertificateIP"
> httpopenport 631
> httpopenport 443 /SSL

With this script I can install iPrint printers - but of course I cannot
manage the server through NRM. (You may also see I have commented out
the ndpsm line with the DNSNAME and am using the IPADDRESS - this
doesn't have any affect on my problem.)

How do I get around this problem?