I am missing some important step here... please check me.

NW6.5 (SP1A) with Iprint installed and fully configured (and working
Loaded the print manager with the /dnsname=blah.blah.com switch referencing
dns name we use for external websites.

SYMPTOM: I have *no problem* when I am on the internal network with getting
to the
webpage, selecting the "new printer" to install, drivers download and
configure (and
show the DNS name). From *home* however, I can get to the website, I see
the list of
printers, but when I click one to install it pauses for a bit, then
refreshes the page like
it is "confused". No prompts, no error messages... (and no "Do you want to
message either. I had the DNS support team open ports 80, 443, 631 and 8009
Novell Remote Manager). When I hover the mouse over the "printer" link, I
see the DNS
name listed in the URL twice, once for the https:<website> <other stuff> and
once for
the ipp:<printername>. Should I have them recheck what ports are open??