I setup iCapture on a few machines that need 2 ports captured. Once I set
it up, it works great. After the machine reboots though, the capture is
lost. If you go into the iPrint client, and move to the iCapture tab, the
printers are captured as they should be, click ok (without changing
anything) will cause the capture to work again. What's wrong? I have the
latest iPrint client (v3.09) and I'm running on XP Pro SP1.

I also thought about having iCapture.exe run in the logon script to capture.
Unfortunately, I don't know how to check if the printer is installed before
running the capture. Trying to capture the port of a printer that's not
installed results in a dialog box popping up with the error message saying
it's not installed. Is there a way I can suppress this message box? If the
printer isn't installed, I'd rather have it just not capture. Anyone know
how I could get that to happen?

Thanks a lot.

- Anthony