I have a Nw6.5sp2 server that runs ndpsm and broker. NDPSM has 170 printer
agents. All is working fine except for LPR printing which we enable for
about a dozen printer agents. Every once a week or so, all LPR printing
stops working while NDPS printing continues to work. Reloading NDPSM does
not fix the problem. Only a server restart will fix it. There are no error
messages from the printer agents when this happens. Also, I am able to
telnet to port 515 of the Nw65.sp2 server and it displays a blank screen
with cursor. I am able to LPR directly to the JetDirects to print and the
Netware server can ping the JetDirects.

Any ideas what the problem is and how to troubleshoot this?
Are there any LPR specific logging available?