I have some problem with LPR on NDPS Printer Agent.
Scenario : WS - Win XP, NW Client, in Windows is installed
Printer with name NDPS, this Printer is shared with name NDPS, Testing
Page is printed OK, furthere are inslalled TCP/IP Print Services and these
Services are started. WS is pinging on NW server correctly.
In NDS is createdv NDPS Printer ( with name NDPS ), name of Printer Agent
is the same - NDPS, is used Novell Printer Gateway, PDS is used Generic
and is used Novell Port Handler, Connection is LPR on IP, is used correct
IP of WS ( NW server is pinging on WS with Printer ), Printer Name is
changed from PASSTHROUGH to NDPS. When I click Create, on server console
is this :
Printer Agent: NDPS
Status and Control: Error Printing
Status Details: Printer Not Connected

NW Server in NW6.0, were tested following NDPS manager version - 3.0.
Any Idea what`s Wrong ???

Jan Riha