We recently upgraded our servers to Novell 6.5 and are running Iprint with
the 3.05 client. I am seeing that alot of the Hp 1100 and 1200 printers we
areusing in our network, after not being used have all the lights on in
them , which would indicate printer memory being filled up. I have checked
the printer, and there are no jobs to be printed. When I unplug and then
replug in the power on the printer, it resets itself, and the user is able
to print once again. IT seem sthis just recently happened when we setup the
printers to print through Iprint. We are running a pure IP netwokr, and the
IPX protocol is disabled on the jetdirects for the printers. any
suggestions, please email me at dbole.co@mansfield.k12.oh.us