Hi all,

Running nw 6.5 sp2, with that release of iprint, but this problem even
became from before the sp2 install!!!

When i try to add printer drivers via imanager or try to make changes to
the broker i get this error - (load driver from system)

Exception saving broker information

NDPS Library Error Category: 3060001h
Other Error: FFFFFBFEh

When i try to add a printer driver via a file (*.inf) i get the following
little error popping up...

iPrint ZLIB -536870654- error unkown

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to run into a brick wall!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now when is the iprint act gonna get together, i mean you must use
nwadmin for certion stuff and imanager for other, then novell is
preaching open source but when you try to use lets say Mozilla Firefox,
you are told to go away only ie is supported...wow thats nice!!!??

Pretty please give me something to work with here....i tried all the
stuff i could found on the kb....

Thys de Beer