Okay, this is just about the strangest thing I've seen. I'm in the process
of setting up iPrint. I'm configuring DHCP and DNS so the printers can
autoconfigure their NIC and be addressable via DNS name. The Broker is
done, and the Manager is done. Now I'm down to the Print Agents. I've
created many, but never come across this situation.

Printer 1: HP Color Laserjet 5550
DNS name: bgs38550.domain.com
Address: (16-bit mask)

Printer 2: HP Laserjet 5100
DNS name: bgs25k.domain.com
Address: (16-bit mask)

Server: NetWare 6.5, sp2

As you can see, there's a router between the server and the printers. I've
created both printers in iPrint and used their DNS names. I have determined
that the 5550 doesn't like PASSTHROUGH, and I have to use 9100. No problem.
When they load, they both come up and go IDLE. I can print to printer 2
without problems. When I print to printer 1, the Manager screen goes to
PRINTING for a couple of seconds, then changes to ERROR PRINTING, GATEWAY
OTHER PROBLEM. Oooo, that's helpful!

To troubleshoot:
can ping the dns name from the server (it resolves fine)
can ping the ip address from the server
created another PA for printer 1, using the IP address instead of DNS name,
and it prints fine.

Another oddity:
We have another 5550 elsewhere which works with DNS and PASSTHROUGH.

Okay, so why can I print to a PA created with IP address but not DNS name,
with everything else being the same?