We're just moving from queue based printing to NDPS. I have a question
about creating Printer Agents. There's a point when creating the agent
where you select the Printer Type. I'm confused as to exactly what this
selection does.

I'm create the printer agent with NetWare Administrator. After initiating
the create, on the first screen select "Create a New Printer Agent" as
the "Source", then click Create. Then I'm prompted for the Printer Agent
Name, NDPS Manager Name, and the Gateway type. After setting that, I get
a dialog box with the title bar of "Configure Novell PDS for Printer
Agent", where it asks me to select the Printer Type and Port Handler.

This "Printer Type" selection is what I'm confused on. We use all HP
printers. This list doesn't contain many newer printer models. Is this
list ever updated? If so, where do I get the update and how do I apply
it? What does the selection for printer type that you make in this dialog
box control? How does it relate to the print driver that you select on
later screens?

If this particular list never does get updated, what should I select if my
printer isn't in the list?

Thank you!