Netware 6.5 sp2 iManager 2.0.2
Windows XP SP2 NC4.9sp2 zfd65 iPrint Client 3.09 IE 6sp1

I receive the following error adding Xerox WorkCentre Pro 75 WinXP,2k,98 printer drivers in iManager:
NDPS Library Error Category: 1060004h
Other Error: FFFFFC50h

During troubleshooting,
I noticed at the server console logger screen on the iManager server (different server than broker i am adding printer drivers to) and I see a message "NetWare Remote Manager: IPrint Upload of 41ED2AFD.ZIP to /SYS/NDPS/XFER (FSUPLOADFILE) Last Read size = 44
NetWare Remote Manager: IPrint upload succesful."

So I took this Zip file in /sys/ndps/xfer and copied it to the broker server. I manually creating the directroy structure (\41ED2F1A\ARCHIVES) in the path N2_Store\ndps\resdir\ENGLISH\Prndrv\WIN2000\41ED2F 1A\ARCHIVES\NDPSDRVR.ZIP. I used the name of the zip file created by the iManager server for new folder(41ED2F1A) that I created on the broker server as well as rename the zip file NDPSDRVR.ZIP. I placed the zip file in the directory ARCHIVES.
I followed the naming structure listed inside other directories in the WIN2000 directory.

Next I disable then enable the Resource Management Service on the broker server I am trying to add the printer drivers to.
Refresh iManager printer broker page and the new printer driver is now listed.
So far this has worked on adding two separate printer drivers.

I hope i am not violating something by manully adding these printer drivers in this manner. It is the only way I have found that works when I receive the error message.

Any feedback/reprimands would be welcome :)
Mike Garcia