I am trying to find out how to get NDPS Printers (we do not have I-Print
setup yet) to work on Citrix. Is there a document that discusses this?

NW 6 SP 4
Windows 2000 SP4 Metaframe XP FR3
Windows 2003 Metaframe Presentation Server 1
ZEN Works 6 running Agent 4.01 r5
Clients are running either WYSE Winterminals or Windows 2000 SP4/XP SP2.

Also, while on that topic. I am trying to be able to map a drive to
another 2003 server w/o user needing to login. We do not have AD
installed. Local authentification only. Not a problem because we use ZEN
Works, but have setup a generic mapping w/o password as only means to
connect. However, this is not secure. Need help.