I finally got iprint installed on a nw6.5 sp2 server (consolidated sp pack
11c). i setup a hp 4050 laserjet. that worked. went to setup a printer
profile for it and the following happened.

clicked printer driver profile link
selected printer manager for that container/server
selected "create printer driver profile
clicked "OK"

type driver profile name
select driver for new profile
click next

then an error occurs

Error message: Winsock 11001 - Host name not found in the DNS database.
Error group: WINSOCK
Error code: 11001

ndpsm loads via this cmd:
load ndpsm /ipaddress=x.x.x.x /dnsname=print-
manager.domain.com .ndspmgr.context

it seems to load fine.

This was done on a xp and w2k pc both with the latest iprint client 3.12.

I am not sure what the profile issue could be. any help would be