I am pretty new to all these new web things on NetWare so please bear
with me.

I am running NW6.5SP2 using NDPS printers with IPP enabled on all. NDPS
works fine. IPPSRVR is loading (v4.00 6/11/04). I can configure iPrint
through iManager OK, but I cannot access the iPrint web page by any
means (http or https) and the iPrint client on the workstation cannot
see any printers listed. I don't know if this is 2 separate problems or
not, but thought I'd mention both.
I've looked at both the ipp.conf and the httpd.conf files, but frankly,
I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Are there good samples of these
somewhere? is there a list of required files and where they should be?

Additional possibly related info: I also recently tried to set up
Virtual Office, and am having a similar problem. I can go to the /vo
url, but once I log in, I get a blank page displayed with no icons in
the header except the logout icon.

Ahh-one other thing: we had a consultant come in some months ago to set
up our public webpage and it is being hosted on this server. I noticed
in looking at the httpd.conf file that he changed the document root to
his new web directory which is a subfolder of the default
/apache2/htdocs. Could this be part of my problem?

I'd be grateful for any info/advice to getting this up and running ...