Hi all,

Looking to migrate to iPrint. Currently we have 7 x NDPS servers, and
2500 PC's with the netware client with NDPS. Servers are mixture of NW6
and NW6.5, clients are mix 4.9 SP2 and 4.83.

Printers are pushed out via Zen Workstation Policies (for students) or
installed manually (for staff).

If I run the novell gateway conversion util and set each of the printers
in each NDPSM to be iPrint aware, this won't affect anything will it?

I'd naturally like to test iPrint (including pushing out the iPrint
client & printers etc using policies) only on a couple of printers and
select workstations... so I need to be sure that nothing will stop
working for the end users while I do that. I would prefer to test it on
the live tree because it's a better test. So the Q is, can my current
environment and iPrint co-exist quite happily?

Anyone got any gotcha's for me? Auto pushing printers based on
Workstation Group is of *extreme* importance so this has to work every

Thanks for your input !