I have a NW 5.1 network running NDPS. All workstations in the office have
the Netware client installed with NDPS support.

I have just added a NW 6.5 server to my network and want to install NDPS on
it, migrating users from the old 5.1 server to the 6.5 one.

I'm already prepared to go about rebuilding brokers, managers and the such
in my network as part of this upgrade/migration. What I want to know is, do
I have to install iPrint on the 6.5 server with all that entails, or can I
install a sub-set of it, just enough to get NDPS running on my 6.5 server?
If the latter, how would I go about doing this?

Seeing as all workstations already have the NDPS client module installed,
can I continue to configure printers on these machines using the
"traditional" method of connecting printers to NDPS printers, or do I have
to remove the NDPS client module and use iPrint's client install/procedure?