I have a very strange problem. First a basic sketch of the infrastructure:

Citrix--- VPNServer1---INET---VPNServer2---Printer1 and 2

Printer0, Citrix and VPNServer1 are at my location. VPNServer2, printer1
and printer2 are remote. VPNServer2 also plays file and print server.
The citrix server has the latest iPrint client and iPrint is configured
to create user based printers.

Now for my problem; when I print a form from Navision Attain to printer1
and printer2 with iPrint printers I get just a blank page. If I print
the same form to a PDF(Win2PDF) and then use the reader to print to the
same printers it prints fine. The brain teaser gets better! If I print
from the citrix through the print server on VPNServer2 to printer0(which
is at my location) the print job completes correctly. I've also used the
print driver from printer1 on my printer0 with success. Printer0 and 1
are Lexmark devices and the printer 2 is a HPLJ2100. All printer agents
have been recreated several times by different admins to close out any
"click errors". Documents from other programs print fine. Printing from
native "Windows" printers also works.

Any ideas?