Back on Jan 11, 2005 posted the following problem:
"When trying to add a new iprint/NDPS printer via iManager I receive the
following error:

"Error: Create Printer Failure
com.novell.service.ndps.NDPSException: NDPS Library Error: 700005h"

The error occurs after I submit the first page of the printer creation
(Printer name, Container, Print Manager, and Gateway). All previously
created printers work properly. I can also sucessfully add this printer to
another manager. This makes me feel as though it's a print manager

Thinking it was NDPS database corruption I recreated the NDPS database
using PAGen and an older copy of the *.CSV files. Afterward, I was able to
add the print drivers for this printer (Xerox WorkCentre Pro 45)although I'm
still recieving the same error when trying to add the printer to this
specific NDPS manager."

I am having the same problem. Have been trying to add a new printer to the
NDPS Manager and unfortunately suffered the same results. I have been
working on the same problem now for a couple of weeks and have taking the
same steps and gotten the same results.

"rjanuary" did not indicate if the network had experienced any problems, but
in our case, the problem appeared after our referral time server lost time
synchronization with the time server. This condition existed over several
days before it was realized and then only because we noted a number of files
with creation dates of 1/1/1985. It seems that the time server had jumped
ahead by a full year to January 2006 and our servers were trying to catch

I am not sure the failed time synchronization had anything to do with the
printer problem, I know that we are still having the same problem.

Does anyone know if the time synchronization could have corrupted the print

The work around that I have found is to create another print manager on a
different server and create the new printers in this print manager. This
works okay, but I would prefer to deal with only one print manager.

Thanks ahead of time for your assistance.