I have a Netware 5.1sp7 box on which is running NDPSM for my network. This
box also runs BROKER and supports three printer agents.

I have recently installed a Netware 6.5sp2 server into the same tree and am
in the process of installing iPrint on it. Based on the information in the
Novell iPrint Admin guide, if I want this new server to function as an ipp
portal, I have to get NDPSM running on the 6.5 server.

If I load NDPSM on the 6.5 server, it identifies that there is already an
NDPSM running on the network and asks if I want to migrate the database to
the local server. If I select yes, load ndpsm on the 6.5 server, then unload
it on the 5.1 server, will the printer agents running on the 5.1 server
still function?

In short, what is the most efficient way of moving the print manager from
one server to another whilst keeping all existing printer agents functional?

I look forward to your response.