Hi everyone, I hope I could get some help from you regarding our setup:

We are currently running the following on our iPrint Server:
Netware 6 SP 5
EDirectory 8.62
Iprint Patch 11c
Imanager 1.22

Components installed in this server:

This server is a member server in our tree and is strictly used as a print

I have finished creating all our customized Print Map web sites (9 total)
using the MapTool which is executed from within the sys:\login\ippdocs
directory. According to a Novell TID/iPrint documentation if you want to
host these sites on your web server simply copy the contents of the ippdocs
folder into the root of your webserver which in this case is
sys:\apache\nwdocs in Netware 6.
All the apache config files have not been modified yet as I'm not an expert
in apache.

I modified the sys:\apache\nwdocs\iprint.html file to show links to the map
of our 9 different sites. I've configured all the printers to the custom map
page and everything is displayed properly. The problem is if anyone tries to
click on a printer to install it (iPrint client 3.11), there is no prompt
(do you want to install printer yada yada) the page simply refreshes back to
the current map. However if I edit the custom map using notepad and add
http://servername:631/login/ippdocs right before the isinstf.htm command
(which basically points back to sys:\login\ippdocs) the printer will install
This is not an option for us since we have about 100 iPrint printers in our
network since everytime we add a printer using the maptool and save the htm
file again, it will remove our custom entry with the standard
href=isinstf.htm etc etc

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the input