Okay...I have read a few things on distributing iPrinters via user
policies, but I am (need) to do it differently. We are trying to
distribute the printers based on workstation. We have 7 labs each with a
specific printer. We used to push them all via NDPS, but you can just
imagine the waste it caused by people not paying attention to where they

We still push NDPS printers based on faculty/staff context, and use a
CoolSolutions tool (ndps_install) and have students install printers
based on their location.

I have a workstation policy setup:
Novell iPrint Policy, run at USER LOGIN, impersonation System
Path to client is blank..client is already installed (3.12).
One printer is pushing.
Internet accessible address is http://serverip:631/

I see a few processes appear in the Task Manager (WindowsXPSP2 firewall
off) but they disappear quickly.

Any ideas?