I am running a Netware 6.5 SP2 server with Pcounter 5.20. We've been using Pcounter for a number of years but have rarely needed to go into Pcontrol as we rarely add new printers. The last time I accessed it was last summer at which time we were running Netware 6.0 SP 4. We have been using NDPS for printing for a number of years. I recently started configuring iPrint (it was installed but not used). My recent changes include adding a new Netware printer via iManager and restarting the NDPS Manager with the /dnsname= switch. An hour or two later I loaded Pcontrol intending to add this new printer to its configuration only to run into trouble. When I try to open the Novell Directory Services section of Pcontrol I get nothing. I can see our Netware servers under the Netware Servers section, but since we're not running Queues that doesn't seem to help. I've tried restarting the computer I've got Pcontrol installed on but that didn't help. I reloaded pcountwi at the server console but that didn't help (I didn't reload pcountdp as that is controlled by ndpsm). I haven't rebooted the server as that can only be done off hours. As you can probably tell I don't know if the problem just arose or it has had this problem for a while. I will say that it is successfully logging user print activity as I ran a few reports yesterday using the Pcounter Administrator.

Any suggestions on what to try next?