We have a 6.5 environment, using iPrint Client 3.09. We just reinstalled
our iPrint setup and re-distributed all of our printers back down to the
workstations. In the past, we installed printers from the iPrint web
page, now we are perfoming this operation with workstation group
association. Some of the groups have multiple printers within that group
and some of the PC's need diferent default printers associated. In the
past, the default that was set once, never changed, no matter who loigged
in. Now, when we set the default printer to any printer besides the one
that is listed first in the iPrint Policy, it stays default for the logged
in user only. When another user logs in, the default reverts back to the
one listed first in the iPrint Policy.

Assuming we have multiple printers in a group, that may need to be set up
as default for different workstations associated to that group, is there
an easy way to set the default printer per workstation, instead of per
user profile?