One thing I already found is that the only way I can get any notification
out of an iprint installed printer is if the users default server is set to
the NDPS server. Otherwise I get nothing.
"Jacob Shorr" <> wrote in message
> I just don't get it I guess......I've seen confusing TIDS and some other
> posts. Basically if I don't connect the printer as an NDPS printer as
> opposed to pure iprint, I get no notification of any kind. If I do set it
> up as NDPS I am confused as to which place I am supposed to configure
> notification, is it under Acess Control or under Configuration? Anyhow I
> can get that to send me something, but what im seeing is 4 popups, for job
> submitted, blah, blah, job completed. Doesn't make much sense to me.
> Is getting a notification possible with straight NDPS or no. I don't care
> if notificaiton is turned on for all users as long as they only get
> information on their jobs. Either way, iprint or ndps how do I get it to
> not send 4 popups for every print job? Thanks.