> If a Canon printer is installed using Canon's LPR 2.0, users are able to
> automatically configure their printer object using the 'get device
> status' button. Does anyone know if there is a way to get this feature
> working with NDPS?

You can't do this with NDPS. This Canon feature does in fact require
direct communication between the workstation and the printer. With NDPS,
you don't directly talk to the printer, and as such, your workstation
cannot determine the actual printer configuration.

However with NW 6.5 SP2, Novell added a new printer profile feature to
iPrint. This means that the administrator can predefine the printer
settings and push them out with the printer driver to the workstations.
However this will only work if you are using the iPrint client, and it
will not work with the NDPS client.

Marcel Cox
Novell Support Connection SysOp