We're running NW 6.0 SP2 with iPrint/NDPS 3.0.4. We currently only utilize traditional NDPS which we had set up under NW 5.1 before we migrated to 6.0. If we wanted to utilize current features of iPrint, like (1) installing printers on XP SP2 workstations locked down with user-level access and (2) pushing default driver configurations down with the printers, what are the major tasks to be done to configure iPrint?

We already have plans to upgrade to NW 6.5 SP2, and we could easily add the iPrint client to our new XP Pro image. Also it's not a problem to enable User Printers in the iprint.ini to allow (1) - but is that all there is to it?

To allow (2), do I simply have to create a Printer Driver Profile with iManager for each printer (or can I do it for each "type" of printer). Are the profile settings limited to things like number of copies and paper size, or will I have access to duplex and envelope feeder settings if the driver supports them?

Do our NDPS printers have to be re-created, or do we keep them and modify them to be associated with a driver profile?

Thanks in advance for your advice! I'm just trying to figure out how much work is ahead (we have approx. 500 printers across 80 sites).