We are running iPrint on a NE6.5SP2 cluster. FOr the most part it works
great. One very nagging issue we have, however, is that on SOME
computers, iPrint will suddenly stop saving the user's authentication
credentials. That and Single Sign On (which is enabled by default) will
not seem to let iPrint know the user is already authenticated.

For example, user logs into Novell client (4.90.2) with w/ single sign
on enabled. User has an https printer installed. As windows logs in,
they get prompted by iPrint to login again. When they do - they can
print fine. But they have to re-enter their userid/PW every time they
login, even if they check 'Save Password' in the iPrint login box.

No - this is not an outage - but its annoying the hell out of our users.
This does not happen on all our boxes. And it seems to crop up at
random - even our own lab PC worked fine and suddenly 2 weeks ago we
started getting prompted. We are running v3.12 of iPrint, but this
problem has been happening since at least 3.05

Is there some setting, some interaction with ZfD 4 that might be causing
this (we're running ZfD IR4 - hope to upgrade to IR5 this week)

Has anyone else seen this?

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