isolated case:
Novell Client 4.90SP2, iPrint Client 3.12.00, ZFDAgent Version,
ZENworks 4.0.1 IR5.

What troubleshooting steps do you take when an iPrint printer won't come
down to a workstation, had a spooling error issue on some PC's, but that
was because I applied the IR5 patch on the server and didn't reboot it.
Anyway, a reboot fixed that issue, but the test PC I was working on will
no longer get a printer(s) pushed to it. I tried uninstalling the
ZFDAgent, and the iPrint client, log back in, the iPrint client installs
automatically, a reboot of the PC, still no printers installed. It's just
an isolated case which cloning the PC with a fresh image will fix,
however, would like to know a way to fix this possibly.