Running Netware 6.5, iprint v. 2.0, NDPS v. 3.0.5. Every time the server
is rebooted, it hangs and hangs on RMANNPD.NLM, keeping all NDPS
printers "NOT BOUND" until it finally (if ever) loads. Once it loads,
everything comes back fine; if it doesn't load, it eventually fails, the
HP Gate drops off, and none of the NDPS printers are available, through
iprint or otherwise.

The one difference between the server that doesn't work and all the ones
that do is the logger screen error "IPPSRVR failed to open port 443".
Where can I modify this? What is the file and location? I'm almost
certain that if I can change this, RMANNPD will load quickly and the
printers will bind correctly.