Hi all,

We're about to roll out some 200 new Xerox printers, about 8 different
models in total.

I've just come across a potential issue though.

If you install the printer & driver (iprint does this nicely), the driver
does not know about any of the "special features" of the device - such as
duplexing etc... unless you go into the properties of the printer, select
the Printer tab, click "get information from printer", supply the
printer's IP and the driver interrogates the printer to find out what
features it has.... you can then make use of those features.

How on earth do I make it so the end user doesn't have to do that? They
won't know the printer's IP address for a start, even if they could work
out how to do get to that point!

I've tried a Printer Driver Profile and that does actually work if during
the creation of the profile, I go into those tabs and do all of the
above. Ofcourse, that means creating a seperate profile for every single
printer because the IP address is unique for each printer. Bang, that's
a heck of a lot of profiles and a lot of extra work on my part.

Has anyone got any ideas? This is gonna be a real nightmare, I can sense

Thanks in advance,