I'm having problems with one particular printer driver (Splash
G630_v3.0_Win9x available from Xerox's support site). The NT, XP and 2000
drivers will automatically install, but the Windows 98 one won't. I get a
SPOOL32.EXE caused a page fault in MSVCRT.DLL error.

If I modify the printer object, setting the Windows 98 driver to None, I can
install the printer. All I have to do is point the Add Printer function to a
folder on the network in which the driver is stored. That is to say, the
driver appears good; it just won't automatically install across the network.

When I add a printer driver to broker, where do the supporting print driver
files go? Should I be able to look on my SYS volume for a folder containing
the NDPS Windows 9x printer files (inf's and dlls)?

Next, what's the best way to remove a driver that has already been loaded in
broker. Is it as simple as deleting the driver within Broker, or should I
then unload and reload the broker in order to flush the driver?