We are distributing our NDPS/iPrint printers to users via a ZEN workstation policy. All of this is working just fine with one big problem. If a user sets one of the network prints to be their default and then prints to it, the default number of copies is set to some ridiculous number (like 17444!). I've done the standard TID search on this issue and did find one TID that said a certain HP driver could cause this to happen, but that's not the driver we're using and it happens with other brands of network printers as well.

I've also updated both the ZEN 4 agent and the iPrint client to their latest versions. The NW client is a 4.90 SP2 also. Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm kind of out of ideas here with the exception of maybe going to ZEN 65, but I would like to avoid that as an immediate solution.


Walter Keener
Network Administrator
Allendale Public Schools
Allendale, Michigan