As we are implementing iPrint, we are starting to have a problem on a few
PCs with the iPrint printers just start disappearing.

We are using NW6.5 sp2, W2K sp4, XP sp2, nwclient 4.90sp1 and sp2. iPrint
client 3.05 upgraded to 3.11. This only happens on a few machines and it
is usually random. A few pcs worked for months with out issue.

We have one w2k sp4 workstation that it happens every 2-3 days. This user
does not have admin rights and his machine is a member of our NT4 Domain.
Upon re-installing the iPrint client, the printers will sometimes just re-
appear. Sometimes it requires a reboot. The machine has been scanned for

Anyone seen this problem and know how to fix it?