We are having major problems trying to get ENS to work. We have verified
that everything is set up correctly, and even used a load line similar to
the following to start NDPS: LOAD NDPSM ".NDPS-MGR-NAME.OU.O"

According to the NDPS manager status screen, every printer has the correct
values for "Notification Service", "Resource Service", and "Service Registry
Service". i.e. they are all set to our one-and-only Print Broker. Yet,
when we go into NWAdmin, and bring up the properties of a printer, and the
Notifications section, we get the following error message:

"Required notification methods are not available or the printer is shut
down. Verify that the Event Notification service is enabled (with
notification methods loaded) and that the printer is running." "Message
number: 275"

We have verified all of this, but can go no further. Any ideas?????

Stan Putnam