We are starting to use Imanager to manage Iprint and also to establish Role
Based Services.
We have determined a group with Supervisor rights to the tree.
The members of that group were not the ones to create the printers in the
first place.
This members in this group are all RBS Collection Owners.
This group was determined manager to the NDPS MANAGER and to the BROKER.
When I try to manage a printer through Imanager. And hit the access control
tab. I get Exception reading Iprint ACL. You have insuficient rights for
this operation.

To be able to manage the access control for each printer I have to either
add this group to the 198 printers I have or all create them anew... All
this does is put the user in the printer manager...
I tought that by being manager of the NDPS manager would allow me to manage
each printer...
Any Idea what I am doing wrong? Or of any work around?