I am running NetWare v6.5 small business suite SP1.

Some iPrint jobs just do not print. The same jobs printed fine when I was
using queue based printing. The jobs that fail are the jobs that take a
number of minutes (e.g. 10 - 12) to generate before they are ready to be
sent to the printer. I think these jobs send an attention command to the
printer. Next, the report is generated (this takes between 10 and 12
minutes) meanwhile, the printer is waiting but the job is not ready and
the printer times out or thinks the job is canceled. The report has the
following options: 1) print 2) preview. If I choose print the job just
does not print. If I choose preview the job prints.

It does not matter which printer I use. Also, we have several different
reports that fail from different applications. The pattern here is that
the reports that take some time to generate just do not print.

Can anyone help me with this?