I am trying to set up a small lab of Windows 98 PCs for general word
processing. However, when it comes to printing, I am running into a problem.

As soon as I enable the SSL/Authentication requirement on the Printer,
everyone -- even the users who have authenticated with the Novell Client
(on Win98, 2k) -- are being prompted to log in again with their credentials
in order to access the Printer. SSL is disabled.

Although the users in the client-less lab are now "working properly" the
rest of the computers can not be required to authenticate to the printer
every time.

Is there a misconfiguration in iPrint resulting in this?

For now, I have set up a second Printer (pointing to the same physical
object) within NDPS that has the SSL/Authentication requirement enabled,
but for logging and tracking purposes, this is not a long-term solution.

Thank you for any assistance,

Jason Rousseau
Network Technology Specialist
Rainy River District School Board