Customer wants me to make a test environment that mirrors the production
one. To do that I build a test server, inserted it into the production
tree, put a replica on it, then turned it off. I then cleaned up the
replica rings on the production server, moved the test server to a
completely physically seperate hub, then brought it up and cleaned up
it's replica rings. Okay, so now the test tree is indentical to the
production one. I deleted the server and cert objects for the
productions servers that are not in the test tree.

I have now built a server in the test tree with the same name as the
production server which ran iPrint. However, I can't get the Broker's
RMS to enable - it gives an error 10110. (I've had to manually add the
Volume Location attribute to it.)

I also can't get the Manager to load. It comes up and tells me that it
can't resolve "", even though DNS (running on another
server) resolves it correctly. I've even tried putting it in the hosts
file on that server with no improvement.