I tried googling and looking the KB articles but couldn't find out if
you turn on the auto update feature in iprint, if it needs admin rights
to run on a NT or higher machine..

Here is a snippet from the docs:
When a user starts his machine, iPrint checks the default printer to
ensure the user is using the latest
Novell iPrint Client. When needed, a newer client is installed. Using a
configuration file, you can
control how this update takes place.
An iprint.ini configuration file is located in
sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\/ on each server where
iPrint is installed. This file controls whether the user is prompted
before the updated client is
installed or the updated client is installed without user intervention.
When the client is installed
without user intervention, the user still sees the installation program.
1 Using a text editor, edit sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\iprint.ini.
2 Change the AllowAutoUpdate setting for the desired behavior.
3 Save the file.
IMPORTANT: The iprint.ini file should be synchronized across all servers
where iPrint and an iPrint
Manager are running.
NOTE: After the iPrint Client is updated, Windows 9x users will have to
restart their machines. Windows NT/
2000/XP users should not have to immediately reboot, unless they are
using iPrint utilities to capture LPT

I don't see anywhere where it specifies if it is needed..