Our system: NOS: NW 6.5 sp2, Clients: W2K sp4.
Problem: trying to create Printer Driver Profile. (PDP)
Starts iManager on server1.
The server is located in the same context as the admin-account. The admin
has got a uniqueID for LDAP, and things work, when creating PDP in same
context as iManager-server/administrator.

On another location another Broker, another Printmanager and another server,
things are not working. When creating the PDP after selecting Print-manager,
and after selecting PDP-name and printerdriver a POPUP apears: Printer
authentication failed... I choose yes to retry and after filling in the
UniqueID of the Administrator and the password and pressing OK the POPUP pop
up again...

As stated earlyer things work in the same context as iManager server and
Admin. But it did not work until we created the uniqueID. The uniqueID is
different from the name of admin since there is several different
administrators with same name, they all shall have different UniqueID.

The question: any idea on how to be able to create PDP on other locations?